Satish Lal Acharya Official Food Blog


Satish Lal Acharya is an enthusiastic and passionate food blogger. He has always been fascinated by the thought of food ever since he has gained his senses. He used to visit many fancy restaurants where chefs used to present their most enriching and famous cuisines that would melt anyone’s mouth.

From then and there, he decided to become a food blogger for life. He felt a connection with the tasty enriching food ingredients and being a pleasant cook he thought to share his experience and knowledge about cooking with the entire the world. He made this platform to educate visitors or audience about the tasty and lip-smacking recipes along with a helpful manual to guide them towards correct procedures of cooking. This platform’s motive is to serve people the most scrumptious recipes, preparation techniques of tasty meals and shopping methods to get and acquire the seasoned vegetables and food items.

Satish Lal Acharya’s aim is to help every individual to learn the real meaning of cooking. At the end he would like to inculcate the passion within people about food and make them understand how food is the second name of art. Apart from honing the cooking skills of the people, he has provided reviews of the famous restaurants and eating joints to people so that they do not have to soil their money over something that is not worthy. According to him, the reviews make one feel that it just gets easier and better to understand the eating place that someone had never been to before. His vision is to please everyone’s tongue and restore people with the meal options that they can simply enjoy at their comfort zone.