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SATISH LAL ACHARAYA has been cooking meals for a very long time and has eventually discovered that cooking in a right manner is a must to get a nice and well- cooked output at the end. According to his personal opinions, everyone can be a cook. All they have to do is to choose the right method for cooking. The following are a few ways that one can choose to invest in for getting a tasty and delicious meal.


This type of cooking infuses steam in a closed environment to cook food. People use perforated baskets or vessels to cook food under steam. This type of cooking is suitable for those people who don’t want to use oil and indulge more in healthy eating.


This method is healthy as it simply demands a container filled with hot water to soften the raw veggies and food items. It’s healthy as it doesn’t use oils or spices. It is convenient for a person to choose on investing in such style of cooking at least for one course of meal for a healthy lifestyle.


This practice or style of cooking has become popular in urban lifestyle. People use this method of cooking when they want to add a little amount of oil to their diet. Also, this method ensures fast or speedy cooking process. This process is ideal for all those who love grilling or barbequing the food.


This method has become a huge support system for the people who are dwelling in a hectic lifestyle. People in today's era are using this method to ease up their burden of cooking. Satish Lal Acharya believes that a method of cooking is responsible for defining the rich taste of any food item.