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Like majority of the people, Satish Lal Acharya often worries about the thought of cooking either because they do not like such consuming process or he does not know the correct way to indulge in the art of cooking. He believes that cooking should have the right methods that can lead to a better health in the long run. The following are a few healthy cooking tips that he has shared to focus on the healthy cooking routine.


Oils can be life-threatening if not used in a desired amount. They can choke the arteries and give one a very hard time. It is better to cook with oils that are healthy for heart and have low cholesterol. Olive oil has proven to be the best oil so far as it keeps a check on health. When one rubs this oil on food instead of pan, he or she must take care of the excessive oil consumption. Also, a person must never shallow fry items, grill or bake them to avoid the accumulation of oils in the body.

Salts or Sodium

Salt are the natural flavour enhancer and nobody on earth can live without them but consuming this ingredient in huge amount can lead to a bad health. Human Beings must always try to minimise the use of salt while cooking and look for a different healthy flavour enhancer to satisfy the buds.


Satish Lal Acharya believes that choosing a path of healthy cooking is not too tough, especially when substitutes of all the food items are present on earth. People must try to find the substitutes of the high carbs and fat items to satisfy the stomach and put a stop to the cravings.